Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Five Years Later (And Forrest Photos)

   I started this blog as an experiment five years ago.  The goal was to make as much art as possible in three weeks. This agenda was both to challenge myself artistically, but also to occupy my time while transitioning to life in New Jersey.  It accomplished both goals in abundance.  I kept up with the blog off and on for quite a while after the initial three weeks, but as I made friends in New Jersey and as I became more involved with work, I fell off the wagon.  Yes I make art occasionally, but not with the dedication that I once did.
   So seeing that I regret the downturn in output, and that this blog is having its fifth birthday, I plan on updating it more often. Since it is so hard to quantify "more often" I'm going to say ONCE A WEEK FOR THE NEXT TWO MONTHS.  Please hold me accountable.
   In the meantime, enjoy some of these photos that I took in various swamps and woods around where I live.

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