Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finished Borneo Slit Drum Painting

   Last week I shared two giant six foot cardboard tikis I made for my 30th birthday.  On a similar theme, I finished this painting back in August and forgot to post it here.  These are stylized versions of slit drums from Borneo...which you can read more about here.  This painting was made specifically to giveaway on my other (real) blog.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My 6ft. Birthday Tikis

   I just celebrated my 30th birthday, and threw a fun polynesian birthday party.  Obviously I had to make two 6ft tikis to watch over the festivities.
   Each tiki is made of seven cardboard boxes that I collected at work.  They're coated in white acrylic paint, and washed over in watered down acrylic colors, and refined with sharpie marker to create a wood grain effect.  The details were added last.  These guys are inspired by Disney World's Adventureland Tiki Drums…who are in turn inspired by the native slit drums of Borneo.

Early stage of the first tiki.  Each piece took about a week to finish. 

starting to come together.