Monday, December 19, 2011

Contemplating Supplies.

   I get asked about the supplies I use a lot for my artwork...and for the most part (besides the last week or so) it has all been actual art on paper.  I've been very reluctant to use any digital are some of my favorite supplies, and the containers in which they are stored.

I love nothing more than I love a fresh box of crayons. 
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It's important to have a good place to store all your messy supplies...keep it portable!!!!

Enough said.  I love sharpies.  99% of my art involves these guys. 

And if I'm not using Sharpies, I'm using Faber Castells.  These are truly remarkable. 

Yes, I have a craft closet.

Adam turned me on to these AWESOME peanut shaped erasers. 

I've been using these same watercolors since I was 15.  Love them SOOOOOOO much.

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