Friday, August 19, 2011

Someone Elses Art.

So I'm spending the day organizing our three hall closets.  One of which is a designated arts and crafts closet.  In said art closet I found these amazing drawings by my old friend Caitlyn King.   Caitlyn and I got drunk one night and decided to draw portraits of each other.....and these are what she left me.  The one of me and Adam is one the favorite things I own.   I haven't seen or heard from Caitlyn in four years or so, but think of her fondly now and then.  Enjoy.
Me and Adam.  (I bought that cardigan the day this was made!)
 This is in the corner of the drawing. :)
Me as a pumpkin.
Clearly drunk. 
Wow.  Aren't those awesome!  

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