Monday, August 15, 2011

Lookin Back. Admiral of the Narrow Sea.

For about a year I performed under the name Admiral of the Narrow Sea.  I don't really remember what spurred the name change, but it indeed happened.  In my head the music and performance was drastically different than the music I was performing under my given name. In reality, only the themes differed.   Regardless, this project was one of my favorites....and if you ask me, my best and most weird album.  Enjoy.
The album was limited to 100 physical copies.  I made the linoleum cuts myself, and inked each one.  The cover depicts a cartoonish fiji mermaid... which fits nicely in the the extensive nautical theme of the album. 
The back cover, also a lino cut, including the song titles.
The inside of the album liner notes.  The guests include longtime collaborators like Dibs and Karen Codd, as well as a bunch of amazing friends that I'd never worked with. 

The press photos for the album were taken by Matt Accardo, who also played bass on the album, and the few live shows that I performed under this name. 
Another nice picture.
The only official video from the album.  Not the best song, and I don't remember why I chose it. 
This is an early video, and maybe the first performance as Admiral of the Narrow Sea. (note the rain jacket.) The song is Three Sheets Pt. One. 

I played a total of 6 shows under this guise, both with and without a band.  Including a Magnetic Fields   cover show.  

Review of the album on SongsIllinoise:
Or buy the album on Amazon.  Or search iTunes.

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